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As a Surgeon Doctor , the daily routine is full of busy schedules and in those busy times their are moments of appreciations that comes straight from the Patients. 

Yesterday I was again blessed with the Blessings Of A Patient  Cured From Cancer Cervix after Laparoscopic operation. Its a real pleasure for me.  -  Dr Mahapatra.

As John Robert Wooden an American basketball player and coach once said

"Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books - especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day."

Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra is One of the best Gynecologist (Gynec Doctor ) in Cuttack Odisha , Who is Pioneer in Laparoscopic Surgery and Gynaecologic oncology.

With the Trust and Good Patient Services , Many of the Patients from States like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh are visiting for Medical Consultation with Dr. Mahapatra. 

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtDuring the Covid-19 Pandemic Period , People from remote Uttar Pradesh came down to Cuttack for the Gynaecological operation . Satisfied with the treatment for Long standing problem. 

Scenario of Uterine Cancer  effect through out the World

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtUterine cancer effects approximately 3.1% of women during their lifetime. Uterine cancer resulted in 45,000 deaths worldwide in 1990, with this number increasing to 58,000 deaths in 2010.

North America and Northern Europe have the highest rates of uterine cancer. Asia, Southern Europe, Australia and South America have moderate rates, with the lowest rates in Africa and Eastern Asia.

About 81% of women with uterine cancer surviving for five years. This rate is higher with more localized cancer at 95% survival rate for five years and lower for a distant spread of the cancer, at a 16.8% survival rate for five years

Reference from :
Causes Of Uterine Cancer 

It is not known with certainty what the causes for uterine cancer may be, though hormone imbalance is speculated as a risk factor. Estrogen receptors, known to be present on the surfaces of the cells of this type of cancer, are thought to interact with the hormone causing increased cell growth, which can then result in cancer. The exact mechanism of how this occurs is not understood 

This is a Video Testimonial from a successfully treated patient from Sundargarh during this COVID pandemic.

She express her satisfaction in the treatment Provided at Mahapatra Hospital , Cuttack.

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtCancer fallopian Tube operated successfully on a patient from Sundargarh at Mahapatra Hospital , Cuttack under the Expert Guidance of Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra.

The Surgical Method adopted was high skilled International quality adhering all precaution & safety measures for care provider & patient during COVID pandemic.

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtAccording to WebMD

Fallopian tube cancer is very rare. Only about 1% of all reproductive cancers in women start in the fallopian tubes.

This type of cancer is treatable. If you're diagnosed with it, your doctor can help you understand your options.

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtYou can see details on Fallopian tube cancer at the WebMD Official Website .

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtIn this Time of COVID Pandemic , the Whole team of Mahapatra Hospital , Cuttack joins Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra's initiative to serve those in need , with the Medical Assistance .

This week a Large uterus tumor operated in a poor women from Balasore, Odisha,

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtThanks to whole team during this COVID pandemic for providing care to needy people,  with  their desire, passion and commitment to serve . 

Couple serving in Bengaluru came all the way to Mahapatra Hospital Cuttack For the Laparoscopic myomectomy SurgeryThông tin thiết kế đặc biệt for a Large Myoma of 12cm during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtWe are Happy to see them Recovered with the Laparoscopic myomectomy, Done By Dr. Manoranjan Mohapatra. 

"Seeing them Relive from the pain and recovering is great and We really Thankful for Trusting us  "  -- Expressed Dr. Mohapatra

Thông tin thiết kế đặc biệtA 32 Year Women with a Large Ovarian DERMOID CYST , is been treated with the Final Removal of the Cyst through Surgery, at Mahapatra Hospital Cuttack. Odisha.

How common are ovarian dermoid cysts?

As per the

It's a very common condition – Dermoid cysts make up about 20 percent of all abnormal growths found on the ovaries. It's considered the most common abnormal growth found in women younger than 20 years of age. It might surface during pregnancy – Dermoid cysts can be detected when a woman is pregnant

Below are the Images of the Large Cyst Removed after Surgery :